We partner with academic, pharmaceutical, and scientific software industry in collaborative mode with joint IP-holding towards enhanced knowledge development undertaken by public and private organizations. With scientific software industry, we provide partnering solutions in distribution and sales within India with an option to provide local scientific support. With academic institutes we partner in teaching and grant-writing for sharing CADD methods in rational drug discovery. With industries, we partner in collaborative drug discovery projects for generating quality data for out-licensing.


We provide consultancy solutions on knowledge-based drug design and discovery of small-molecule and protein-based therapeutics for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Topics of consultancy services include in silico drug discovery of design in small molecules for hit finding, scaffold hopping, lead optimization and prioritization towards targets of various therapeutic interests.


We provide contract research services with no-IP holding on in silico drug design and discovery to the research and development divisions of biotechnology and pharmaceutical drug discovery companies. Contract services are primarily based on computational drug design and discovery aspects involving small molecule modeling from hit seeking, through lead optimization from property-based and interaction-based methods with targets, and in silico ADMET optimization.